Ultrasonic cleaner is one of the most effective cleaning equipment that can be used to clean all types of fragile equipment. It can give consistent results and it safer as well compared to many other cleaning products. Hence, it is commonly used in hospitals, factories, industries and laboratories for the purpose of cleaning laboratory equipment, surgical instruments, glassware, jewelry, and numerous metal parts.


When you are planning to use ultrasonic cleaner to clean your firearms, it is best that you always consult your unit manufacturer. He can supply essential information and instructions on what can or cannot be cleaned using that certain cleaner. You should understand that products vary from one manufacturer to another and it is common that each one of them is promoting their own cleaning solutions, which can possess different heating elements and temperatures.


With this being said, ultrasonic gun cleaner is normally safe for all forms of different components and materials. However, one needs to be careful that, though ultrasonic gun cleaner will not affect the deep integrity of your firearm, it is possible that it can trigger damage or taint the surface. This can happen especially with extended exposure to cleaning solutions.


For the other parts of your firearm such as the grips and sights, every company will also have varying instructions. Considering this, clean steels, anodized aluminum, and hard polymers are safe to apply within cleaners. The same goes for blued and stainless steel firearms as most cleaners cannot be applied on non-anodized aluminum or other non-ferrous metals. There are a number of instances when modifications are made including sights that can be safe also but when you experiment on it, you need to do it at your own risk. Remember to remove soft polymer, rubber, or plastic parts such as grips and similar parts of your firearm. Take note also that you need to avoid using the cleaner in wood, pearl, and other exotic materials. If you are concerned about a particular gun part and you are still confused, it is important that you consult the manufacturer first and do the cleaning at your own risk.


An ultrasonic gun cleaner might include lubricating solutions that can be used after the wash treatments. When it is not included, you can just follow the instructions properly and proper corrosion protection must be done. Be sure to air dry and regularly oil your equipment as well to prevent any long term corrosion issues.



There are numerous benefits if you use ultrasonic gun cleaner in contrast to other cleaning equipment. It is relatively less expensive since it uses less expensive cleaning agents that are typically water based. It is also effective to clean intricate parts as well as cracks and holes that are difficult to clean with other cleaning equipment. It can clean meticulously and even quickly because it can reach inaccessible places to eliminate dirt and other dust particles.